The Emergency Response Safety (ERS) Division of ERASE Enterprises specializes in protecting both people and property from injury and loss. Working with our clients, we analyze loss potentials due to natural and human initiated disasters, fires, explosions, confined space operations, collapse rescues, entrapments, hazardous materials releases, and hazards

associated with working above and below grade. Our staff develops and delivers plans, training programs, and standard operating procedures / guidelines for our clients. We also send experienced field agents to assist our clients with technical support and command and control advice during actual emergency incidents.

While there are many specialty services within the ERS division, the main product lines are as follows:

Fire Protection
Hazardous Materials
Confined Space Entry and Rescue
Special Rescue Operations

ERASE Enterprises' services are customized to the client's needs. Direct training programs for your employees are also supported by offering "train the trainer" programs for your own instructional staff. Procedures and training materials are customized to reflect your company's logo, style of print, and site specific references. Our investigations group can also assist you with the investigation of incidents to ensure that future training and policies properly address the cause and effect issues, thus eliminating the potential for the incident to occur a second time.

Our ERS programs have been used to protect billions of dollars in client assets. If you want to ensure that your personnel, vital operations, and valuable property are properly protected against loss potentials, call us and ERASE Your Loss!