The ERASE logo represents a viewpoint of public protection held by our founder, Kevin Mellott. During his years as an emergency responder he witnessed terrible losses to individuals, families, corporations, and society as a whole. Deaths, permanent injuries, destruction of fixed property and personal belongings all were the results of accidents, acts of intentional harm, and in some cases, the result of an innocent person simply not being aware of the hazards associated with their actions.

When Mr. Mellott started the company he wanted a name and logo that represented the resources of the company, as well as the impact it could have for clients on loss control issues. He met many people during emergency responses in their homes, places of business, in public areas, and on the highways. None of these individuals had really wanted to meet their public servants in this manner; rather they were called as a matter of necessity. It became obvious to Mr. Mellott that while the situations that produced emergency incidents are totally predictable to the emergency responders, the public was completely uninformed about how their actions created these situations of loss.

ERASE Enterprises was founded on the premise that there are people in our society who would rather learn how they, their family, or their company can avoid an emergency incident rather than becoming a victim of one. As an international renowned instructor in public safety issues, Mr. Mellott had assembled an extensive network of experienced personnel in both the prevention of and response to emergency incidents. Our mission was established to protect our clients from becoming involved in an emergency by providing educational services on how to minimize their exposures to these types of incidents. In addition, we would provide highly trained emergency services personnel to protect our clients in times of risk and during major incidents where our professional expertise could assist in minimizing losses.

Our name was developed as an acronym for our original two service categories. Emergency Response And Safety Education Enterprises became our firm's name on February 02, 1989. The logo was designed with the "A" being erased, reflecting the belief of Mr. Mellott that an educated person can avoid the need for emergency response services by avoiding involvement in the first place. Yet, the Emergency Response component of our name and firm continues to exist to assist clients during times of crisis. While we realize that some accidents of nature and unpredictable events will continue to occur, our name and logo demonstrate our commitment to reducing loss for our clients through better education and preparation.