The Loss Control Consulting division of ERASE Enterprises specializes in providing our clients with services to reduce and prevent financial loss. Our loss control consulting staff offers a wealth of information, experience, and knowledge in loss prevention to our clients. All ERASE consultants are seasoned veterans in their areas of expertise and have been successful in reducing loss on behalf of our clients. Whether assisting in the control of an emergency incident at

your facility or representing you as your agent in liability mediations, our staff will provide you with calm and effective advice.

Our safety and security audits will assist you in identifying strengths and weaknesses in your current programs. This process allows you to proactively respond to vulnerabilities before a loss incident occurs. Special attention is given to areas of regulatory compliance and those areas of exposure that can result in high financial losses.

To properly prepare our clients for the potential of emergency incidents, ERASE provides emergency management planning services. Our planning program addresses both natural and human initiated incidents. Our emergency management plans are not just theoretic. They are designed to work when everything else is failing. Our staff's experience in knowing what works during times of crisis can save you millions in business interruption, lost productivity, and loss of image.

If a loss incident does occur, our liability claims auditing service can greatly assist you in controlling the financial impact of the incident. Ensuring that claims against or by our clients are managed efficiently and economically is a responsibility that our staff takes very seriously. In some cases, you may choose to use our Alternative Dispute Resolution Services to resolve claims against your organization. This program can result in significant savings as compared to traditional settlement approaches.

ERASE provides expert witnesses in the fields of safety, security, law enforcement, fire protection, and fire origin and cause. We provide Special Investigations and Expert Witness services to assist our clients in establishing exactly what did occur during incidents of loss. Our in-depth investigations, qualified experts, and claims management process provides the winning edge to successfully resolve claims.

While there are many specialty services within the Loss Control Consulting division, the main product lines are as follows:

Auditing Services
Emergency Management Services
Alternative Dispute Resolution Services
Expert Witness Services

ERASE is licensed, insured, and recognized internationally. References will be provided upon request.