The Special Security Services (SSS) division of ERASE Enterprises specializes in protecting people, proprietary information, and property from acts of intentional harm. Our security consultants work with our clients to analyze their loss potentials and then develop security plans, procedures, and

training programs to reduce their level of exposure. ERASE security instructors provide personal and travel safety training for executives and their families, protection of proprietary information for executive staff, and facility security training for site security personnel. During times of threats against our clients, we provide Personal Protection Officers and Special Security Services agents to ensure their personal safety and to support the site security force.

ERASE personnel have experience in protecting clients against direct attacks from individuals armed with weapons, attempted thefts of proprietary information, and thefts of property. From kidnapping and extortion attempts to workplace violence, we can help protect you from harm. If you are concerned about your organization's well being in a competitive world, we can assist you in protecting your vital business information. ERASE Special Security Services are designed to work with our client's business and personal lifestyles. We provide both covert and overt levels of service and our presence is known to only those who have a need to know.

At home, in the office, or while traveling, our clients are afforded the best protective services available. While there are many specialty services within the SSS division, the main product lines are as follows:

Personal Protection
Prevention of Workplace Violence
Economic Espionage Countermeasures
Investigation Requests
Meetings & Events

ERASE Enterprises' services are customized to the client's needs. Whether you need to have your own personnel trained or wish to have our agents on site or traveling with you, we can provide you with the best services available. ERASE Enterprises is licensed, insured, and recognized internationally.